Weekly Sales Coaching & Training

It takes more than filling candy jars and seeing agents to grow your disaster restoration business. Did you know…

  • 9 out of 10 business owners are too busy to consistently meet with their sales staff (and it shows)
  • 90% of sales people improve with consistent coaching and focused involvement from some who really cares
  • Most sales people lose up to 95% of information learned at a sales workshop within 48 hours…and even less is implemented
  • Our focused, brief, 30 minute weekly sales meetings increase retention and implementation for long term results
  • Often only 1 in 4 restoration sales staff actually know how to select & target the most profitable customers
  • Sales coaching by Making Sales Work has been shown to generate a return on investment within the first 60 to 90 days!

Sample Weekly Topics

  • “Disciplines for Success”
  • “Targeting the Right Prospects”
  • “Setting Sales Priorities”
  • “Selling for Referrals (Water, Mold + Fire)”
  • “Selling to Adjusters, Plumbers + More”

Make Your Sales Work – I can help your business grow.

Weekly Sales Coaching and TrainingFor over 30 years, I’ve made sales work and have trained others how to do the same. I started my business walking door-to-door and grew it into a multi-location disaster restoration leader with over 100 dedicated staff at the time of my retirement. Now, I have time to help your business grow as well. Sales is all about: 1) Design – an effective process and targeting the right prospects and 2) Process – consistent implementation. The predictable product is profitable results. Give me 30 minutes per week with your sales staff and see for yourself.

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Sales Coaching + Training Group – $385/mo for 4 months (then optional advanced is available @ $285/mo)
Private Sales Training – Call for pricing

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