Jerry Winkley, Sales Training Expert

I have known Jerry Winkley for over 5 years. Jerry and I had a common bond in many ways. First and foremost was our common commitment to run our businesses in a God Honoring way. Jerry and I also both owned businesses that provided both DR and Business Services. Jerry has been a trusted friend and advisor in many ways. Jerry even took a half day to meet with me when traveling through Denver on his own time to advise me how to manage my team better.

While attending a Sales Training Course at his franchise in Wichita, I observed Jerry’s teaching and training skills as well as his skills in leading his team. Jerry had a nicely structured training and teaching method that encouraged involvement from those he was teaching. He also plans out his courses well with very interesting content to keep his student’s attention and make learning fun.

Above all things, Jerry has impeccable character. He does what he tells you he is going to do. In September 2013, Jerry mobilized to Denver for some bad flooding. My business referred a couple small jobs to Jerry and his team. We also referred many jobs to other franchisees that had come in town to help. About 6 weeks later, I received a check in the mail from Jerry for a referral fee for the 2 small jobs that I referred to him. I never even asked Jerry for this referral. Jerry did what was right and fair without being asked to do so.

I would highly recommend Jerry being involved with Sales Training. He has a track record of successful teaching and development of CE Classes that I know myself, co-workers, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, and many others have learned and benefited from.

Joe Steffens
Business Owner, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services

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I have known Jerry Winkley for almost 5 years now, based upon our continued relationships throughout the ServiceMaster brands name. We have worked closely together in several marketing campaigns within insurance carrier conventions, on large DR projects, and through out own continuing education classes. I consider Jerry a valuable asset to my business, as well as a good friend.

I can highly recommend Jerry to other franchisees, and indeed have, for support in their business teaching agents and adjusters. He provides a high level of expertise and professionalism that helps us build relationships with these people, and creates a stronger bond that is useful when calling upon them for work. Our CE classes are always given fantastic reviews with Jerry as the instructor. In fact, we actually have to limit the number of attendees for each class, due to the high number of participants and limited availability of seats. The biggest impact is that he has helped us open doors with agents that we had never seen work from before.

Best Regards,
Kevin Nocktonick
President, ServiceMaster Cleaning Services, Topeka

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jerry E. Winkley. I have known him for over twelve years.

Jerry has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to his excellence scholastic accomplishments, his strong commitment to his faith, he has proven leadership in marketing and direct sales. His ongoing teaching and direction toward insurance agents, adjusters and sales coaching is top notch. I have observed in his class(es) many times, adapted his sales philosophy and taught my own staff to follow this protocol with direct sales and marketing for stable financial stability.

Jerry is very dependable and a team player. He has good judgment and a positive outlook on business and personal endeavors.

Jerry is an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

Tom Planmann
Director of Sales, Multi-Line Estimator
ServiceMaster Clean & Restore, Wichita, Hutchinson, Derby, Winfield

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I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jerry Winkley. We have worked with Jerry on several marketing events, insurance carrier conventions and large DR projects for over 5 years. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I consider him a good friend as well as an outstanding mentor.

Jerry currently teaches our continuing education classes, which have always been a success through the last few years. His knowledge, expertise and level of professionalism during the CE classes have helped make our current agent relationships stronger and have opened many doors for more opportunities within our community we serve.

As a mentor, Jerry is always available to answer any and all questions that may arise with business decisions and marketing tactics. He is a very dependable responsible person and I feel that he would make a great addition within your department in the company.

Patty Nocktonick
Vice President
ServiceMaster AAA Central Office, Topeka

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I have known Jerry Winkley for over five years. In 2009 I worked for a textile restoration company and solicited Servicemaster for their textile work. They already had a long standing relationship with another vendor but Jerry was always gracious and kind to me. He actually mentored me even though he probably didn’t realize it. His willingness to help people is exceptional.

Jerry Winkley is why our CE classes are so successful. Our agents and adjusters love his classes. Not only is he knowledgeable, prepared, and personable, but he strives to make the classes hands on and interesting. Getting adjusters to attend the CE classes is important in building the relationships and ultimately getting more work. An adjuster recently while on the job site went on and on about how great and in-depth our CE classes are. Other adjusters have stated that the classes are interesting and interactive.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jerry Winkley.

Best regards,
Janice Trammell

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As a former ServiceMaster Clean franchise owner I have know and enjoyed working with Jerry Winkley many times over the last 12 years. Jerry made more difference in the marketing of my business than anyone else.

He has the business savvy and understanding from an owner’s perspective to know what works with insurance professionals, what sounds good, and what doesn’t work. I always saw an uptick in business after Jerry taught CE at my facility. He is a genius at building relationships with insurance agents, diffusing difficult questions during class, and making them desirable to come back for more. Jerry always set me up as the local expert in my town when helping me.

Jerry has been loyal to the ServiceMaster brand through good times and bad. His caring attitude and integrity shines through. I have observed him helping franchises all over the Midwest and beyond for decades. As franchise neighbors, we worked together seamlessly on projects from $50K to nearly $500K and I have always found him fair, professional and reasonable. I owe a significant portion of my success in business to my friend and colleague, Jerry Winkley. Jerry does not disappoint!

Tim Howell
Former Owner, ServiceMaster AAA
Topeka, Manhattan, Emporia, KS

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On behalf of ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services by AAA in north east Kansas I would like to highly recommend Jerry Winkley as a continuing education instructor. We have worked with Jerry for many years and our agents, adjustors and staff truly appreciates the work he puts into his classes to make them interesting and educational.

They can honestly say that when they leave one of our classes they take more valuable information with them than they do in any online class where they have to memorize a bunch of theories just to regurgitate it back onto a test and then forget it.

Our agents and adjustors tell us that they use more information from our classes on a daily basis than any other in class training because we like to bring in experts in the industry to share educational information and examples of real life experiences. They have built relationships with these experts and will call on them later when they have questions. This creates another resource for their line of work to make life easier for their insured’s.

He does a wonderful job of getting to know the students and what they expect to learn from the class at the beginning and then he will go back and make sure all of their questions were covered.

We appreciate his flexibility to work with our schedule in 3 different cities over the year so that we are able to cater to our entire coverage area.

Jennie Bowen
Marketing Director
ServiceMaster Cleaning Services by AAA, Topeka

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