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Jerry Winkley
Making sales work is a passion of Jerry Winkley’s. Jerry was a successful business owner for nearly 30 years. He started his ServiceMaster® business without a single existing customer and began by walking in the snow to knock on doors. His sales processes, combined with the dedicated operations staff he groomed over the years, transformed his start-up business to the point that his operation became one of the best known cleaning & restoration companies in his region. His success also put him consistently in the top rankings of ServiceMaster® businesses nationwide.

Winkley’s success was hammered out by building a base of referrals and then relentlessly driving market penetration in spite of fierce competition. In 2014, recognizing unique & strategic strengths in Jerry’s franchises, Winkley’s Franchisor purchased his businesses to form a Branch Operation, allowing Jerry to move forward with a long term dream he had waited for, the dream of implementing Business By Design.

Jerry Winkley, Founder of Business by Design
Jerry now has time for expanded training & consulting helping other businesses implement the processes that helped his business grow. He not only consults with businesses and owners, he also specializes in training sales staff and all employee positions so they can succeed and help their company succeed with a win/win sales culture like he was blessed with. Business by Design allows Jerry to train through video conferencing, live in-person training, and online training classes.

Jerry is also an active Insurance Continuing Education instructor. His continuing education classes have logged over 20,000 attendees and invitations have taken him from one corner of the U.S. to the other. Jerry’s training combines years of hands-on experience with many years of ongoing, advanced training. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from Hutchinson Community Junior College along with a Bachelor of Arts from Calvary Bible College (special emphasis in communications and training). Jerry has trained insurance claims professionals in his own classes and approved IICRC Continuing Education classes from New York to Los Angeles. He carries a long list of industry certifications. Jerry also trains professionals in other trades and professions including Plumbers, HVAC Professionals and REALTORS. He has also been a trainer of classes approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Sedgwick County Department of Community Health.

ServiceMaster, Kansas
Jerry is a lifetime Kansan, a Marion county farm boy, an experienced diesel mechanic and a resident of Valley Center with the love of his life, Lisa. They have five children and two grandchildren. Jerry enjoys making his training practical and useful because he loves to help people excel and develop their God-given talents and abilities. Jerry firmly believes that success is never by accident – it is always by Design.

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