Office Staff + Field Technician Training

A well functioning office + technician team will sustain profits. Investing in the skills of your office and field technicians impacts sales, profits, quality control, customer service + more. Did you know…

  • Employee/customer communication is the #1 reason for customer dissatisfaction (far more than quality or price).
  • Studies have shown that at least 1/3 of all customers expect to buy more services + products than the one they called you for.
  • If your staff is not upselling, you are disappointing at least 33% of your customers and leaving your best profits “on the table.”
  • 98% of all employees can upsell professionally with our coaching and a little practice. (How many of your employees upsell?)
  • Phone skills + your staff’s customer communication skills can be improved to greatly increase your advertising’s effectiveness.
  • Your marketing budget is wasted if you don’t convert your incoming sales into jobs.
  • Your employees can be your most important asset!

Sample Weekly Topics

  • “Upselling Professionally With Success & Tact”
  • “Closing + Scheduling Customer Calls”
  • “Do’s + Don’ts of Disaster Restoration Calls”
  • “Cross Selling Multiple Services”

Make Your Sales Work – I can help your business grow.

Weekly Sales Coaching and TrainingFor over 30 years, I’ve made sales work and have trained others how to do the same. I started my business walking door-to-door and grew into a multi-location disaster restoration leader with over 100 dedicated staff at the time of my retirement. Now. I have time to help your business grow as well. I love to help people learn how to work together, serve the customer better and increase their sales all at the same time. People enjoy working at a company where they can win…and I’ll teach you how to win consistently and encourage a company-wide culture of winning.

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Weekly Training – $385/mo for 4 months (then optional advanced is available @ $285/mo.)
Private Sales Training – Call for pricing

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