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(C.E.) Continuing Education Classes are

Impactful – powerfully builds your credibility and referral base
Affordable – directly targets your message & $$$’s to your key referral customers
Do-able – Business By Design professionally & effectively assists you in telling your story

You run a great business…and more people need to know that. It’s obvious that three hours in a well taught Continuing Education (C.E.) class builds much stronger relationships than attempts to “drop into an agent’s office” for 2-3 minutes. C.E. Classes meet the needs of attendees while allowing you to build relationship and deliver your value proposition…and no one is on the phone or distracted (like when you drop in their office).

Jerry is an experienced & approved C.E. provider. With the experience of over 25,000 attendees and over 3 decades of teaching experience, Jerry helps bring credibility and value to your attendees. A well-presented, engaging class builds the credibility of your business. And Jerry will seek to showcase you as a “subject matter expert” as often as you would like.

Agents plan ahead…and so should you! Plan your classes in advance and promote them in advance before your agents & adjusters schedule with someone else. Contact Jerry today & start locking down dates and topics.

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Property / Casualty

CIAW Course NamesHoursClass Description
Fire: Pack-outs & Personal Property – Smoke Claims3(Contents & Pack-Out) Personal Property is a major expense in fire damage claims and how they’re handled directly impacts the overall claims cost and the customer’s satisfaction. “Pack-outs & Personal Property” is a 3 hour class focused specifically on contents restoration, the pack-out and pack-back process, and will provide answers to many common questions about whether contents should be restored or replaced.
Fire: Picking Up The Pieces3(Structure, Contents, Claims Process) Major fire losses are overwhelming to insureds. “Picking Up The Pieces” is a 3 hour overview of the entire claims process, from the point when the fire truck leaves until the insured’s loss is closed. Team work from vendors, agents, and adjusters is critical and this class focuses on maximizing team-work so that everyone wins.
Water: Water Damage3(Water Damage Overview) “Water Damage” claims are very common claims. Good intentions and misguided responders can quickly escalate claims costs. We’ll focus on true claims, the science behind them, and focus on what are the right things to do in lowering the overall claims cost and improving the insured’s claims experience. We’ll also focus on water loss prevention tips.
Water: Water Claims In Direct Repair Programs3(Water Mitigation Program Benefits & Overview) This class was developed in teamwork with property claims adjusters. In addition to prevention and the science of drying, this 3 hour class focuses specifically on the water damage claims process, the importance of accurate and complete documentation, and the claims handling process working through direct repair programs.
Water: Finding Signs Of Pre-Existing Water Damage1(Claims Prevention Course) “Finding Pre-Existing Water Damage” is a one-hour CE Class which pulls together nearly 3 decades of home inspections and water damage experience. It prepared you to notice visible signs of prior or on-going water damage, as well as signs hinting that mold may be a concern. It teaches how to look for things that others just walk right past and gives common sense guidelines to quantify minor vs. major concerns.
Storm: Storm Damage & Emergency Preparedness3(Storm Damage Overview) “Storm Damage & Emergency Preparedness” is a 3 hour overview of various types of property claims. Class involvement, along with Q&A, will focus on topics including, roofs, hail, flooding, tornado, lightning, ice dams, freezing, and more.


CIAW Course NamesHoursClass Description
Trauma: Trauma, Crime Scene & Bio-Hazard4If your insureds ever needed you…they’ll really need you when they experience a claim from a trauma, a crime scene, or a bio-hazard. Critical, and costly, decisions are often required with barely a moment’s notice, so having a cool-head with some experience of how to respond will make a huge impact in the life of your insured and the overall cost of the claim. This topic can be a bit “heavy” so we’ll mix in some true & light-hearted stories…and we’ll avoid any overly graphic photos. (NOTE—this is a 4 hour class)


CIAW Course NamesHoursClass Description
Hoarding: Helping Hoarders3We all have more “stuff” than we need, but dangerous “hoarding” can greatly alter the risk that you insure. And claims that should be very simple can become quite difficult when dangerous hoarding is involved. This class is built around true stories of insurance claims that intersected with dangerous and tragic hoarding. We will also spend time looking at ways to help hoarders so that after the claim is closed, they are in a better place in life than before.


CIAW Course NamesHoursClass Description
Mold: Mold – Answers To A Growing Problem3How much mold is required before it becomes dangerous? Is there a good mold vs. a bad mold? How quickly does mold grow after a water loss..and how can you tell is the mold problem was pre-existent before the water loss? True case studies and good science will be reviewed with practical answers that will help you & your insureds if they encounter mold during a claim.


CIAW Course NamesHoursClass Description
Ethics: It Matters What You Believe3People do business under differing ethical assumptions, but not every ethic will lead you to the same decision. As a class, we’ll test common ethical systems with real life case studies. You may actually have fun, but you’ll also find yourself challenged, as you work with your assigned group in explaining, defending, and evaluating the decisions you make.
Ethics: Blinded By The Light3 – One Hour ClassesEthics – Blinded By The Light is comprised of three 1-hour CE Classes that can be offered together or separately. (1) “Captain Jack Sparrow’s True North” helps us explore our ethical compass. (2) “When The Light Is In Your Eyes” explores the pressures of business, the fear of failure, and the allurement of “success,” and how each can blind us ethically. (3) “Beginning With The Moral End In Mind” helps us examine how morals can drift and helps us learn from the mistakes of others who were “blinded” by the light of their work experience.
Ethics: Ethics & Broken Windows1The social theory of “The Broken Window Syndrome” quickly illustrates the importance of ethics in our career. Even a slight ethical compromise can eventually become a downward spiral of poor choices eventually leading into dilemmas we never imagined. Will your ethic guide you where you want to end up in your career? “Ethics & Broken Windows” is a short one-hour Ethics class to help us all make sure we stay on the ethical path leading where we want to end.
Ethics: Insurance Fraud3“Insurance Fraud” is a class true case studies reminding us of how important every transaction we make is. It will also help us spot problems that should be reported, and help us learn “red flags” to watch for in claims handlings and in peer relationships with others in the industry.

Interested In Even More Variety? For additional variety, we offer continuing education courses outside of the mitigation topics which we can co-teach with a local subject matter expert.

These classes offer variety while still giving you exposure. Some samples are listed below.

…Theft Prevention (taught with your local Community Policing Officer)
…Commercial Fraud and Workplace Violence
…Accident Investigation (can be taught with your local law enforcement department’s trainers)
…Understanding Floors & Replacement Cost (can be taught with a local floor covering retailer)
…Other topics – Auto Body Repair, Paintless Dent Removal, Etc.

Notes: Business by Design’s 2015 Rate Sheet

  1. Courses listed above are private material created and/or registered through Business By Design.
  2. Additional courses (not listed) are available to ServiceMaster Franchise Owners through the ServiceMaster Home Office (Service Connection). We are an approved instructor for those classes as well.

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