Business by Design’s Overview

Making Sales Work is Business by Design’s passion. Business by Design helps sales professionals, office staff, field technicians, and business owners in all areas of growing a strong, well-run, profitable business, especially in service industries such as disaster restoration, cleaning, and janitorial services.

Jerry Winkley brings over three decades as a successful business owner and sales manager, and now in his retirement, he uses those skills to help others enjoy the success he was blessed with. Business by Design and Making Sales Work effectively train businesses on multiple levels, as follows:

  1. Sales Coaching – Grow your skills with Jerry’s training. Your company is relying upon the sales staff to keep it alive & thriving. Make every hour count by learning to sell at your personal best.
  2. Owner & Key Manager Training & Consulting – Business by Design provides owners with a trusted, seasoned, successful coach to strengthen your business. Whether through private business consulting, or joining a guided group of industry peers, work on developing best practices and implementing good decisions that will keep your business strong, profitable, and growing. Make sales work on every level of your company.
  3. Office Staff & Field Technician Training – Every staff member can become a sales person. Jerry’s training can help them learn how to successfully and consistently boost your bottom line and improve your customer service. Grow profits by improving your staff members’ skills to upsell, cross sell, and simply close more opportunities. Don’t leave your “money-on-the-table,” learn to make sales work on every level of your company with Business by Design.
  4. Classroom Instruction & Continuing Education Classes – Jerry is a seasoned trainer and can train you to teach Continuing Education Classes or he is available to come teach at your location. Offering C.E. classes alone is not enough to grow your business…let Jerry help you improve the results from classes you offer.

The Story Behind Business By Design

Without sales, every business struggles & dies. Business by Design focuses its coaching to bring intentional systems to making sales work and to assist with the implementation processes needed to make that happen, predictably & consistently.

Jerry Winkley started his business by knocking on doors as he walked through the snow trying to gain customers. His sales processes, combined with his dedicated production staff that joined him as he grew, transformed his start-up business into a leading cleaning & restoration company in his region. By building his reputation and brand awareness, Winkley grew his business’ market penetration and name recognition stronger with every year. His success also put him consistently in the top 100 ranking of ServiceMaster® franchises nationwide. He coached his sales team with the same techniques he now teaches through Business by Design. He knows how to make sales work, and he will help you make every hour count.

Business success is not a random chance, it is learning to consistently implement the designs of success, thereby making sales work. Your staff can be a valuable asset. Each staff member in your business is a life your business is entrusted with. Let us help you develop them and at the same time develop and grow your business!